The Top 7 Beauty Myths of 2007

1. “glitter & sparkle are just for old people and ballrooms”

Simply stated- not true. 2006 & 2007 have seen a huge increase in not only using glitter in the form of sequins, and beading, but have transitioned it’s use into day-time wear also! Some examples of this are whole collections of trendy sequined handbags, shoes with beading, and pretty tanks with shiny embellishments.

2. “blue eyeshadow is oh, so 70’s”

As with all cosmetic colors, shades come and go and are sometimes they go for the wrong reason. Blue is certainly one of these and has certainly received a bad wrap from the disco era. First, let’s differentiate between completely overdone and bright blue, and some of the more natural shades that have always been available. And contrary to another time-worn bit of advice “never wear blue eyshadow with blue eyes” we also say, bah humbug. While wearing the exact shade of blue as your eye color may not show your eyes off as much as if wearing an opposing color, it can still look fantastic.

3. “no white shoes before easter”

This myth is simply, well, old. While white shoes may still not seem “appropriate” in the middle of February in Minnesota, there is no question that they can be worn year round in warmer climates. And in retrospect, why not gorgeous white satiny shoes for that Wisconsin Winter Ball?

4. “never mix patterns & stripes”

Wow, this is an oldy but goody though obvious why it became a common bit of advice in extremely poor extremes. While one should take caution with patterns & stripes, I think the main idea is be careful, wear the right stripes in the right places, and for the goodness sake, don’t overdo it.

5. “if you’ve got it, flaunt it”

Even if you look like Halle Berry, and even if you are 20 years old, weight 115 pounds at 5’10”, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. One can still look incredibly sexy without showing off more skin than Britney Spears has taken to recently. In fashion, there is a huge difference between trashy and tastefully sexy.

6. “you have to spend a lot of money to look fashionable”

Don’t get me wrong- money does help. Money helps because most upscale and fashionable boutiques offer trained personal fashion consultants whose help can do tremendous things. However, if one reads fashion magazines such as Vogue and Elle one can easily find a fashionable look that can, with a little searching and patience, provide you with an outline for exactly what to buy and how to accessorize. Generally one can put together a $900 Vogue ensemble for under $150 by purchasing similar, but not designer name pieces.

7. “you should always use the same brand of skin or hair care products”

Whichever personal care company started this one was brilliant, and also now most assuredly very wealthy. While some products, especially stronger products like chemical peels and deep skin treatments may have a legitimate reason for requiring the step they outline for pre-treatment and follow-up, most general and innate skin care products will cause no harm if mixed and matched with other brands. In fact, if you’re like me, I use several different lines for my skin care routine, having found what I consider the best on the market of each project. Sure, many of my skin care products come from the same line, however I have found products outside this particular line that perform better for my skin.

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