Learning To Play Guitar – Beginners Tips

Every guy at one point in their life has most likely dreamt of being
a rock star and playing guitar in front of thousands of screaming, adoring fans.
When learning to play electric guitar there are many tips which
will be incredibly useful to you. I myself have played for eight years without
ever having a single professional lesson, yet I am able to nail the solo to
Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train, and rock Van Halen's Jump. Now getting to
This stage takes time and lots of effort, but the rewards are fully worth it. I want to
point out some useful tools and tips for all you beginners out there.

Patience is probably the most important aspect of developing you skills as a
guitarist. It certainly is a case of practice makes perfect. You may feel you
are beating your head against a brick wall when trying to make your first
F chords and then one day it will just click and become completely natural to you.
Do not give yourself a time frame when learning.

Today there is a huge range of online resources which you can take advantage
of large for free. Sites such as harmony-central, ultimateguitar and guitartricks
offer song tablature, video lessons, forums, hardware reviews along with vast
amounts of other useful information to help you out.

Software is another great tool aspiring guitarists can use. Guitar pro for example is an
excellent tool for learning how to play those songs you've always dreamed of playing.
Likewise Chord and scale charts are readily available.

There is no point in picking up a guitar for the first time, learning some chords and
then the following week expecting to nail a complicated solo. Playing the guitar is very
much a developing process and as you become more skilled you will no doubt move on
to bigger and better things. If you are a beginner stick to the basics. Learn the main chords,
find some songs which only use these chords and perfect it before moving on. This is very
much the case with hardware too. As a beginner go out and buy a cheap guitar and amp
package. There is little point in blowing thousands on a authentic Les Paul if your playing
will not do it justice. As a beginner it is not tone and sustain you should be worried about,
but your technique. Today you can pick up a guitar and amp package on eBay for well
under a hundred bucks.

Remember playing the guitar takes dedication, time and patience.

Source by James Apps

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