Does He Care About Me If He Remembers All the Little Details? Discover If He Likes You Or Not

A woman always has little doubts that make her wonder if her man really loves her or not. She has these doubts even if he remembers small little things and details about her. If you need to know whether he cares if he remembers details about you, then read these tips.

If he cares – he will remember
It is obvious that if he takes the trouble to remember small little details about you, then he really loves you. If he was not in love with you then he would not bother about details leave alone remember them!

If he is courteous and caring about small things – he’s serious
If he is really serious about making you happy, then he loves you. Your happiness and satisfaction will count. He will make sure that he remembers your birthday, the day you achieved success, how you like to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and even the flavor of ice cream you love.

It shows that he is sincere
No man who is not sincere and really in love will bother with the nitty-gritty. He will make sure that your needs are satisfied. To do this, he will take care to remember all the little details about you so that he can satisfy your every need and craving. This shows pure devotion on his part. He will prove his love over and over again.

It shows good character
A man who takes the trouble to remember little details about you is a man who wants to make the relationship a success. He wants you to be impressed and satisfied with him. He does not want to take you for granted and shows that he has a good and decent character. He will do his part in making you happy.

He wants to make you happy
A man who makes sure that he knows what makes you tick is a man who is bent on making you happy. He is a person who wants to prove that you will never find him wanting in any way. He probably remembers all the details so that he can provide you with satisfaction in every area.

He remembers those details because he wants to
Only if a man really wants to remember details about you he will do so. No one can force or “make” him remember little things about you. If he truly cares for you it will come naturally to him. He will find it easy to remember all the things that you care about.

He wants to impress you
If he wants to impress you then he will anticipate your needs and supply them even before you hint or ask for them. This is a man who truly cares for you and will go to any lengths to make you happy. He knows that the fact that he remembers every birthday, anniversary and other milestones in your life as well as your personal likes and dislikes will prove that he sincerely cares for you.

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